Clinical research

In addition to supporting hundreds of clinical trials, our clinicians and researchers are involved in a range of clinical research activities, in collaboration with Eastern Health and other health and research institutes. Our research activities include studies in epidemiology, physiology, mental health and public health, which seek to improve the community’s health and well-being.


Our cardiology unit conducts research in a number of areas such as, investigating new therapeutic devices for patients who have coronary artery disease, analysing heart rhythm disturbances, assessing treatment options and exploring approaches for the prevention of heart disease.

For more information, contact Dr Jennifer Cooke


The endocrinology unit investigates gestational diabetes and diabetes management, treatment of diabetes complications and weight control as well as research into the pathology and genetics of thyroid cancer.

For more information, contact Professor Christopher Gilfillan

Gastroenterology and Hepatology

The gastroenterology unit undertakes research to understand and provide treatment options for inflammatory bowel disease, functional bowel disease, viral hepatitis and liver disease and many other digestive tract and liver disorders.

For more information, contact Professor Amanda Nicoll

Geriatric medicine

The geriatric medicine and aged care research unit investigates healthcare services for older people, such as assessments of capacity for older people in hospital, research into functional decline, frailty and delirium. The unit also addresses some of the broader social issues important to older people such as driving safety and the protection of older people's financial assets.

For more information, contact Professor Pēteris Dārziņš


In addition to their involvement in many national and international clinical trials the haematology research unit focuses on understanding the molecular basis of blood cancers. Current projects include studies that aim to identify new molecules that can be used to target disease causing plasma cells in myeloma and the molecular mechanisms governing haematopoietic and leukaemia stem cell self-renewal.

For more information, contact A/Professor Stephen Ting

Intensive care medicine

The intensive care unit investigates treatment options and outcomes in critical care, trauma, anaesthesia and perioperative medicine, emergency surgery and rehabilitation.

For more information, contact A/Professor Owen Roodenburg

Nephrology (Renal)

The nephrology unit conducts research to improve our understanding of the molecular basis of kidney disease.  Clinical projects relate to a broad range of renal-related issues, including cardiovascular complications of chronic kidney disease, home dialysis therapies, kidney transplant, anaemia, and iron therapy.

For more information, contact Professor Lawrence McMahon

Neurology (Neuroscience)

The neurology unit conducts research across several sub-specialties of stroke, multiple sclerosis, cognitive disorders and epilepsy and includes laboratory-based scientific research, pharmaceutical clinical trials, and epidemiological and clinical investigator-driven research studies. Research into acute stroke care is a primary focus, in particular brain imaging in patients receiving stroke thrombolysis.

For more information, contact Professor Helen Dewey

Respiratory & sleep medicine

The respiratory and sleep medicine unit explores a range of respiratory conditions including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), interstitial lung disease and sleep apnoea. The team also have research interests in complementary and alternative medicine for respiratory disease, functional lung imaging, non-invasive ventilation, and sleep medicine

For more information, contact Professor Francis Thien

Surgical Research Group

More than 20 registrars and residents who undertake research with the Eastern Health Surgical research group each year. This unit investigates novel surgical approaches in surgical oncology, laparoscopic, colorectal breast, vascular and endocrine surgery. The surgical research group undertakes research to explore surgical treatment options and outcomes focused on improving patient well-being and quality of life.

For more information, contact Professor Shomik Sengupta