Medical Student Programs


Medical Student Programs (MSP) is a partnership between Monash University, Deakin University and Eastern Health. Each cohort of students has a teaching program designed to address their particular curriculum and assessment preparation needs. Most teaching activities are carried out purely as the Deakin or Monash cohorts and some activities leverage the advantages of learning together with other students.

MSP is supported by a team of dedicated staff who facilitate and assist medical students with all components of their clinical experience both academic and administrative. During your time at Eastern Health, you will have the opportunity to meet many wonderful patients and health professionals as you become immersed in clinical medicine. As you progress through your rotations, you will transition from a student to a junior health care professional in a fast-paced workplace.

MSP offers learning opportunities unique to Eastern Health Clinical School, these include:

  • Patient Teaching Associate Program (PTA)
  • Enabling Practice Program
  • IPP (Interprofessional Practice Placements)
  • Turning Point (drug and alcohol rehabilitation)
  • A wide variety of clinical settings for students' education and experience, including public & private hospitals and community care
  • Exposure to both rural and urban healthcare settings