Oncology Trials Unit

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About Us

The Oncology Trials Unit has both Investigator and Pharmaceutical clinical trials in a variety of tumours. These include breast, lung, melanoma, upper gastrointestinal, colorectal, genitourinary, gynaecological cancers and sarcoma. Studies are mostly Phase II or Phase III large collaborative studies.

Key Oncology Staff

  • Associate Professor Phillip Parente, Director, Cancer Services
  • Associate Professor Jacqui Chirgwin
  • Dr Prasad Cooray
  • Professor Ian Davis
  • Dr Bianca DeVitt
  • Dr Geraldine Goss
  • Dr Eliza Hawkes
  • Dr Lionel Lim
  • Associate Professor Joe McKendrick
  • Dr Carmel Pezaro
  • Dr Simone Steel
  • Dr Rachel Wong

Contact Us

For more information regarding Oncology clinical trials, contact Carmela Corfield
Phone: 9895 3582
Fax:  9895 3284
E-mail: camela.corfield@monash.edu