Student resources

The below page offers useful resources for our graduate research students.

Graduate research and writing

Starting out on a research project can be daunting. Our resources will guide you through every step of the process, including developing your profile and enhancing your research impact.

Get started

A successful project is planned from the start. Learn how to set goals and expectations, establish a good working relationship with your supervisor, and assess the skills you will need to develop along the way.

Write the thesis

From planning your research proposal, to writing up your results, to putting the final touches to your thesis, you’ll find helpful tips in our tutorials.

Explore the research literature

A thorough review of the literature is an essential foundation for your project. Find the most current and relevant information and learn how to organise and store it safely.

Publishing your research

Writing a journal article is just the beginning. Discover how to navigate the publication process and develop your own profile as an academic researcher.

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