Neurology Trials Unit

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About Us

Our Neurology & Neurosciences Trials Unit has been involved in ‘acute stroke research’ trials and secondary preventions including carotid stenting. We have been conducting and involved in more than 150 trials both academic and pharmaceutical.

We are associated with:

Professor Dewey and the team of 10 neurologists and 6 research co-ordinators have experience in:

Key Staff


  • Professor Helen Dewey, Director, Neurosciences
  • Professor Chris Bladin
  • Dr Amanda Gilligan
  • Dr Poh Sien Loh
  • Dr Thomas Chemmanam
  • Dr Saul Mullen
  • Dr Patrick Carney
  • Dr Amy Brodtmann
  • Dr Dave Darby
  • Dr Tracey Wardill
  • Dr Helen Clausen

Multiple Sclerosis

  • Associate Professor Helmut Butzkeven
  • Dr Mark Marriott
  • Dr Olga Skibina

Important Patient Information

Contact Us

For further information regarding our Neurology services and clinical trials, please contact Lara Brenners:
Phone: 61 3 9895 4974
Fax: 61 3 9899 9137