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Monash and Deakin students spend the whole of their 3rd year in rotations at various Eastern Health sites. Deakin students also complete their 4th year at Eastern Health sites (with the possible exception of their elective) while Monash students in 4th and 5th year attend Eastern Health as one of the placement sites to which they have elected or been assigned.

While there is a significant level of structure and support provided, students are expected to take responsibility for their own learning. During rotations students are encouraged to make the most of opportunities for direct contact with patients and staff on wards, clinics and procedural/investigation areas.

3D3M - 3rd year Deakin, 3rd year Monash

3D4M - 3rd year Deakin, 4th year Monash

4D5M - 4th year Deakin, 5th year Monash

Elective Students

Eastern Health Clinical School offers an Elective Program for local and International Students.  If you are interested in undertaking an Elective with us, please visit the Eastern Health Electives Program page. Our Elective program is designed for students who are in their final/penultimate year of their degree and will not suit students who are required to undertake an elective placement as a core part of their rotation.

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