Student Program Information

Year 3 students participating in ‘Trauma Mega-day’

Year 3 Monash

The learning activities offered in third year involve a combination of classroom teaching and clinical rotations. During rotating through medicine and surgery, students are exposed to a range of  clinical experiences in wards, clinics, theatres and other procedural areas.

Year 3 Deakin

In the first full clinical year at Eastern Health, students will spend majority of their time in clinical settings, with learning supported by a range of tutorials, both ward and classroom-based. Students rotate through Medicine, Surgery, Women’s and Children’s Health.

The Longitudinal Primary and Community Care (LPCC) program provides an insight into patient experience and increased exposure to Primary and Community Care.

Women’s Health
(Year 3 Deakin and Year 4 Monash)

Rotations take place at Box Hill or Angliss Hospital. During this rotation, students undertake a wide range of clinical activities, from gynaecological clinics to caesarean section in the theatre. Unique learning opportunities will be offered by clinical experts and supported by classroom based tutorials and hands-on skill experience.

Children’s Health
(Year 3 Deakin and Year 4 Monash)

The Children’s Health rotation takes place at Maroondah or Angliss hospitals for Monash students and Box Hill Hospital for Deakin University students. Students are exposed to a range of clinical environments, including inpatient and short-stay wards, outpatients and emergency. Students may also have the opportunity to undertake a community placement day with a maternal child health nurse.

(Year 4 Deakin and Monash)

Students are exposed to continuing care, inpatient care, child and adolescent mental health, aged psychiatry and community assessment teams across a number of Eastern Health sites. The variety of locations offer experiences in a broad range of conditions including dementia, mood disorders, ADHD, depression and delirium. Tutorials aim to educate students on the diagnostic process and treatment options in psychiatry.

Year 4 Deakin

Final year Deakin University students rotate through aged care, rehabilitation and palliative care, emergency medicine, mental health, general practice, anaesthetics and intensive care. During this year, students are also allocated a rotation in order to complete the research component of the course.

After completing exams, students continue with elective and pre-intern rotations. These rotations may take place at any of our Eastern Health sites with the opportunity for students to independently organise their elective rotation at an external hospital, which can provide the unique opportunity to travel overseas.

Year 5 Monash

Final year Monash students are offered a wide range of rotations across a number of Eastern Health sites. While the focus is ward-based experience in preparation for intern year, students are also offered various classroom and ward-based teaching activities.

The Scholarly Intensive Placement (SIP) provides exciting opportunities to work with our experts at Eastern Health.

Elective Students

Eastern Health Clinical School offers an Elective Program for local and International Students.  If you are interested in undertaking an Elective with us, please visit the Eastern Health Electives Program page. Our Elective program is designed for students who are in their final/penultimate year of their degree and will not suit students who are required to undertake an elective placement as a core part of their rotation.