Our Impact

The Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS) is a dynamic, innovative and ambitious research institute, comprising over 400 scientists engaged in research in drug discovery, design, delivery and use. Our roots can be traced back to 1881.

Our therapeutic strengths lie in neuroscience and mental health, cardiovascular and metabolic health and global health. We are committed to research translation and had made major contribtuions to collaborative drug discovery programs that have progressed more than 30 novel drug candidates into clinical development

  • Ranked #1 in the World

    Monash has a prestigious global ranking standing at #1 for Pharmacy and Pharmacology (QS 2022).

  • >$40 Million in External Research Income

    MIPS attracts funding from a wide variety of sources, including government bodies, philanthropy and commercial partners.

  • Scientific expertise

    More than 400 MIPS scientists research drug discovery, design, delivery and use.

  • 30 novel drug candidates

    Our major contributions to collaborative drug discovery programs have progressed more than 30 novel drug candidates into clinical development.

  • 2000 undergraduate students

    Our Parkville campus is also home to approximately 2000 undergraduate students studying Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences..

  • 350 publications per year

    We publish over 350 research articles per year, many in the highest quality journals including Nature, Science and Cell.

Neurological and mental health global epidemiology network

The Centre for Medicine Use and Safety has established and co-leads a 10-country collaboration called NeuroGEN to harness the power of big data to generate new high-quality evidence on medication benefits and risks. NeuroGEN facilitates analyses of medication and health outcome data for more than 100 million people with and without dementia. NeuroGEN includes representatives from the disciplines of pharmacy, neurology, geriatrics, cardiology, health economics, social sciences, biostatistics and epidemiology.

COVID-19 treatments

Monash University researchers have produced the first known mRNA COVID-19 vaccine candidates in Australia using an advanced technological approach capable of generating vaccines ready for human testing in record time. MIPS researchers in the Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre are also working on treatments that prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

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