Global Student-Led Initiatives

Co-curricular experiences are overseas activities related to your studies, but which do not involve you getting credit. These experiences are self-initiated and usually involve a short project, entrepreneurial program, conference or leadership experience abroad.

How do they work?

You organise these experiences yourself, usually in response to an opportunity advertised through your faculty, by a Monash group, club or society. Each experience works differently, so make sure you research carefully and follow the advice provided by the organiser on program dates, details and costs.

Overseas co-curricular experiences can qualify for complimentary travel insurance. To do so, your overseas experience must be Monash endorsed and registered with Monash Abroad.

Where can I go and what can I learn?

Co-curricular programs complement, in some way, what you are learning at Monash. They vary in type, but we find usually incorporate one of the following experiences.

Competitions and conferences

You may be invited to represent Monash overseas in a case competition or conference, as part of your affiliation with a Monash club or society or via an opportunity promoted through your faculty.

Industry and entrepreneurship projects

You may be invited to join in an industry project that enables you to build on your academic knowledge by working with industry mentors, in situations where you receive no credit. Popular projects include SEED or MITI.

Leadership programs

You may be invited to participate in a leadership development program or seminar series conducted overseas. Popular leadership programs include the coveted Global Discovery Program.

Opportunities for Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences students

The Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences promote a number of overseas co-curricular programs and placements for students. Follow the links here and here to learn more about what programs are available.

Other activities

Monash is a big place! From time to time you will come across other Monash affiliated activities, such as non-credit bearing internships or research projects that are supported and endorsed by the university. Tell us about it by registering your experience with Monash Abroad.

How to register