Researcher awarded for significant Australian nerve research

Dr Brent Neumann

Dr Brent Neumann from the Biomedicine Discovery Institute’s Neuroscience Program has been awarded for his significant contributions to understanding nerve degeneration and repair. Dr Neumann recently received the Paxinos-Watson Award for 2016 from the Australasian Neuroscience Society.

The annual award is presented to the member of the society judged to have published the most significant research paper in the field of neuroscience. Dr Neumann received the award for a research paper published in Nature that found that damaged nerves display molecular 'save-me' signals to allow them to successfully regenerate after injury.

Dr Neumann said it was a huge honour and quite humbling to have the paper judged as the most significant neuroscience paper to come out of Australia in 2015.

“I am thrilled to win the award, as it not only recognises the significance of our findings, but also the enormous time and effort that went in to carrying out all of the experiments,” Dr Neumann said.

“This was a successful collaborative project between Associate Professor Massimo Hilliard's lab at The University of Queensland and Prof Ding Xues' lab from the University of Colorado, Boulder.”