Centre for Human Anatomy Education

Centre for Human Anatomy Education

The Centre for Human Anatomy Education (CHAE) is a globally recognised centre for excellence in the disciplines of anatomy and anatomy education. The centre supports and oversees human anatomy education across the University, ensuring our curriculum and teaching is of the highest global standard.

We're part of the Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology,
within the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute.

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Professional development

Advanced Clinical Anatomy Dissection Masterclass

This flexible in-person human dissection course allows you to select the level of detail you require, the area you want to focus on and to undertake formal assessment if desired. This course is ideal for both health professionals and clinical anatomists.

Taught by clinical anatomists and medical doctors with surgical experience and/or overseen dissection in large-scale units (undergrad, post-grad and industry), and with deep expertise in anatomy dissection techniques and clinical anatomy, the course is designed around key competencies in clinical anatomy.

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