Monash has a strong legacy of pioneering innovation in anatomy education - and we are proud to continue to push the envelope. At the Centre of Human Anatomy Education we harness new technologies, such as 3D printing and virtual reality, to bring anatomy to life for our students.  Our world-class anatomy facilities, combined with our evidence-based approach to teaching, set the stage for a truly unique learning experience adopted both locally and globally.

Our Centre also plays an important role in community outreach. We make anatomy accessible, by sharing our spaces and expertise with the wider community.

We are responsible for:

  • Evidence-based curriculum development, ensuring that anatomy education, across all of our undergraduate and graduate courses is of the highest standard;
  • End-users collaboration ensuring anatomy education is discipline relevant and efficiently delivered;
  • Innovations and enhancements to existing approaches, focussing on harnessing technology;
  • Promoting cross-disciplinary and interprofessional approaches to anatomy education;
  • Researching the delivery and efficacy of new and existing teaching approaches;
  • Analysing and reporting on national and international trends in anatomy teaching.

Class of 2019: the Centre for Human Anatomy Education teaching staff, demonstrators and second year medical students.