Harriman Samuel Saragih

Assistant Professor, Business Innovation

E: harriman.saragih@monash.edu

Harriman is an Assistant Professor in Business Innovation, Monash University Indonesia. He currently teaches the Theory and Practices of Innovative Marketing in Masters in Business Innovation. He previously served as the Manager in Executive MBA and Program Manager in Prasetiya Mulya Business School. He is a Fulbright Visiting Scholar in the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, Cornell University. He holds Applied Data Science certification from Columbia Engineering and Data Science Practitioner from IBM. He previously served as an Editorial Board Member in the International Journal of Innovation Science (Emerald Publishing UK). In addition, he served as an Associate Consultant in the Executive Learning Institute, and BVDI Prasetiya Mulya where he provided marketing workshops to Corporate and Government Professionals. He coached the Indonesian team to earn a Top 10 place in the World's Largest HSBC Business Case Competition, Hong Kong University. He received an Emerald Literati Award as one of the Outstanding Reviewers in the journal Arts and the Market. He has provided various business and marketing consultancies and workshops towards Indonesian Governmental Bodies and Institutions such as the Indonesian Creative Economies Agency (BEKRAF), the Jakarta Department Office of Industry, Trade, and SMEs, Indonesian Ministry of Trade, and Smart City Planning among others.

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  • Saragih, H. S., (2021). Mining and Exploring eWOM from Twitter: Case of the Java Jazz Festival. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology. Emerald Publishing. https://doi.org/10.1108/JHTT-03-2020-0067
  • Saragih, H.S., Amelia, N. (2020). Segmentation of Music Festival Visitors by Values of Hedonia, Life satisfaction and Eudaimonia. International Journal of Event and Festival Management. Emerald Publishing. https://doi.org/10.1108/IJEFM-03-2020-0016
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  1. Theory and Practice of Innovative Marketing
  2. Entrepreneurial Innovation
  • Leveraging “Fear of Missing Out” as a Marketing tool by SEA Today News
  • Flexing as a Marketing Strategy by SEA Today News
  • Pro Environmental Behavior of Indonesian Consumers at Cornell Gatty Lecture Series
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship: A Data-Driven Approach at Binus International Lecture Series
  • Value Chain and Ecosystem in the Creative Industries hosted by Department of Trade and Small Business, South Jakarta
  • “Predicting which song will be popular, can we do that?” at the The Finery Report
  • “Tiga jenis pengunjung festival musik di Indonesia menurut riset” at The Conversation
  • “Dari webinar, TikTok, hingga crowdfunding: bagaimana seniman muda bertahan selama pandemi” at The Conversation
  • “Disruption in the Music Industry” at Prasetiya Mulya Management Forum
  • “Push for music law reflects rise of music activists” at The Jakarta Post
  • “Commentary: Preserving Indonesian Music Through Co-Creative Platforms” at The Jakarta Globe
  • Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Cornell University, United States
  • Emerald Literati Award, Top Reviewer for the journal Arts and the Market (2020)
  • Coach for the Indonesian National Team for HSBC/HKU Business Case Competition, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (2019) – Top 6 in Global Round
  • Top Reviewer in International Journal of Innovation Science (2018)
  • Best Paper Presentation, Doctoral Colloquium of SBM ITB (2018)
  • Postgraduate Scholarship from the Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (2017)
  • Finalist, Coach in Business