Monash Climate Change Communication Research Hub Indonesia Node

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Monash Climate Change Communication Research Hub Indonesia Node

Through interdisciplinary approach, we conduct scientific research on climate change communication and advocacy. We also engage with universities, local community, local government, and media organisations in implementing climate change communication.

  • About the Node

    This node is part of Monash University Climate Change Communication Research Hub and was established in 2022. The Indonesia node is led by Monash Indonesia faculty members from interdisciplinary backgrounds – urban design, sustainable development, public policy, communication, and public health.

  • Vision

    To live in a world in which climate change is depoliticised, where people trust and understand the science and the solutions.

  • Mission

    Build media, communication, and education programs that clearly communicate accurate, relevant climate science and solutions.

  • Objectives

    Facilitate global climate literacy, where governments, policymakers, businesses, and the public can make informed decisions in response to the evolving impacts of climate change.

Research Team