Autism Secondary Consultation and Training Strategy

The Monash University ACTNOW program has now concluded.


The Autism Secondary Consultation and Training Strategy is funded by the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development (Victoria). The project aims to build skills and capacity across each region in Victoria in the area of Early Childhood (0-6 years) to enable each network of regional service providers to:

  • Identify Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDDs).
  • Provide a more integrated range of evidence based early interventions for young children with autism and their families that will complement and interface with other agencies and services.
  • Promote understanding of PDDs in the wider community and strategies for working effectively with these children and their families.
  • Improve linkages between service providers and strengthen partnerships between services and families.

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For further information or assistance please contact the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (Victoria) or Regional ReACT coordinators.