Breast surgery

About Breast Surgery Research

What are the benefits of breast augmentation? Can 3D volumetric analysis of the breast help during surgical correction of asymmetry and reconstruction? These are some of the questions our team are asking to help improve the outcomes of breast surgery.

Breast surgery research projects

  • Breast cancer: Early morbidity after axillary surgery.
    • This project will prospectively study the effect of axillary dissection with emphasis on the morbidity related to the intercostobrachial nerves and to early lymphoedema, and the importance of patient education.
  • Clinical trials with large multicentre groups.
    • AZURE    Zometa (Bisphosphonate) as adjuvant therapy in addition to chemotherapy for node positive patients.
      SOFT BCSG 24-02    Ovarian suppression and exemestane in pre-menopausal women who maintain ovarian function after chemotherapy.
      ANZ 0001    Capecitabine vs CMF in Advanced Breast Cancer.

In-house studies

  • SETUP Neoadjuvant chemotherapy in locally advanced breast cancer – a biological and imaging study using PET, Synchrotron imaging and molecular studies.
  • Masters Student VEGF and angiogenesis studies on Breast Tumour Tissue leading to analysis of SETUP tissue.
  • Synchrotron  Supply tissue to Monash University for investigation of xray Studies diffraction patterns.
  • Radiology Fellow Project BreastScreen. Papillary lesions, imaging and pathology correlates.
  • Registrar Project Development and implementation of Breast Cancer Database, KPI’s and accreditation standards.