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2019 Hickey Group L-R: Ms Pam Hall, Dr Olivia Susanto, Dr Ursula Norman, Prof Michael Hickey, Mr Paul Tan, Dr Sarah Snelgrove Absent: Ms Louisa Yeung

About the Leukocyte Trafficking Group

Leukocytes play critical roles in protective responses to infection and injury. However, these same cells are also major contributors to inappropriate, damaging responses in inflammatory diseases. Our laboratory studies the actions of leukocytes in models of inflammatory disease, using state-of-the-art imaging systems such as multiphoton microscopy to directly visualise leukocytes in vivo during their recruitment from the bloodstream, and following their entry into tissues.

The recruitment of leukocytes via interactions with the endothelial vascular lining and the subsequent actions of these cells drives inflammatory injury, and is a common pathway to tissue injury in inflammatory diseases.  Studying these processes in real time in living tissues allows mechanisms of injury to be defined and new therapies developed.

Group Head

Professor Michael Hickey

After completing his PhD at the University of Melbourne in 1996, Director, Centre for Inflammatory Diseases, Professor Michael Hickey underwent postdoctoral training in the Immunology Research Group at the University of Calgary in Canada (1996-1999) and the Baker Heart Research Institute (2000-2001), before joining the Centre for Inflammatory Diseases at Monash University in August 2001.

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Graduate Research Projects

Our staff


Other staff and students

Pam Hall
Ms Pam Hall
Research assistant
Paul Tan
Mr Paul Tan
PhD student

Research interests

Research interests of the lab include:

  • Mechanisms of Leukocyte Recruitment
  • Immune cell interactions in the inflamed glomerulus
  • Leukocyte-platelet interactions in the inflamed vasculature
  • Regulatory T cell recruitment and function in inflammatory skin disease
  • Roles of tetraspanin family members in leukocyte migration

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Leukocyte Trafficking Group – highlighted publications since 2006

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