Neuroinflammation Research Group

Connie Wong group photo
2022 Neuroinflammation group L-R: Shu Wen, Connie Wong, Jenny Wilson, Liam McKay, Huynh Nguyen, Kathryn Prame Kumar, Althea Suthya

About the Neuroinflammation Research Group

Inflammation is one of the first responses of the immune system to infection or injury. Our laboratory uses cutting edge in vivo imaging techniques to directly visualise and study the immune processes involved in inflammation in both infectious and non-infectious models. By imaging these complex cellular interactions in real time, we begin to understand how immune cells function and interact under physiological and pathological disease states. Current work focuses on the mechanisms that underlie immune impairment and identify strategies to strengthen the host immune defence to:

  • limit infections after stroke
  • modulate inflammation during colitis
  • regulate inflammatory cell infiltration during neuroinflammation.

Graduate research projects

Group Head

Dr Connie Wong

Connie Wong

After completing her PhD at Monash University in 2008, Dr. Connie Wong was trained in the Snyder Institute for Chronic Diseases at the University of Calgary in Canada (2008-2012) and the Department of Immunology (Clayton) at Monash University as a Postdoctoral Fellow (2012-2014).

Dr Wong was awarded "The Centenary Institute Lawrence Creative Prize" in 2013 and Victorian Tall Poppy award in 2017. She is a current recipient of the Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellowship.

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Research interests

Research interests of the group include:


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