Paediatrics - Sleep and Respiratory

2019 Sleep and Complex Conditions group. L-R Back row: Aimy Tran, Kelsee Shepherd, Rosemary Horne, Gillian Nixon, Alison Crichton, Julie Thacker Front row: Alicia Yee, Leon Siriwardhana, Ashwini  Sakthiakumaran Absent: Poornima Wijayaratne, Flora Wong

During infancy and childhood sleep is at a lifetime maximum. Sleep is essential for normal growth and development and any disruption to sleep during infancy and childhood has significant adverse consequences during this vulnerable period. The Department of Paediatrics' research in the Sleep and Complex Conditions theme focuses on key clinical questions in paediatric sleep medicine, with the goal of answering these questions and translating research findings directly into clinical care, for improved outcomes in children with a variety of sleep disorders.

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  • Poornima Wijayaratne
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  • Kelsee Shepherd
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