Translational Molecular Psychiatry

Our research aim is to ultimately develop disease modifying novel treatments for psychotic disorders, in particular, schizophrenia using a broad translational approach. Starting from clinically derived insights and samples, we probe the cellular and molecular characteristics of post-mortem human and animal brain relevant to psychotic disorders. From these laboratory studies we investigate animal behaviour using transgenic models of psychosis, identifying relevant neuronal signalling pathways. These laboratory based findings can then be re-applied to investigate new biomarkers in clinical samples using genetic, protein, and electrophysiological measures.

We are also establishing a clinical trials research group evaluating new treatments for these disorders in the hope to build a unique translational research program in psychotic disorders that utilise clinical and biomarker data to understand the molecular bases of psychotic disorders, and in turn generate novel treatments and diagnostics for these patient groups.

Group Head

Professor Suresh Sundram

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Other staff and students

Laboratory Manager

  • Dr Chew Ling Linda Lau

Research Assistant

  • Ms Hayley Darke

PhD students

  • Dr Tharini Ketharanathan
  • Dr Sujeevan Sinnatamby
  • Dr Vaidy Swaminathan

Honours student

  • Ms Holly Pertile