Research studies

  • The Osteo-Dev Study: Developing a wearable device to measure exercise impacts related to bone health
  • The ESPRESSO-P Study: A pilot study of home-delivered exercise for improving balance and muscle strength in obese older adults with sarcopenia
  • The TRAFFIC Study - Identifying variants in novel genes that predispose people on anti-resorptive therapy to sustain atypical femur fractures.
  • The TRAFFIC Sub-Study - Identifying the incidence of atypical femur fractures at Monash Health, by reviewing medical records and radiological scans for patients with femur fractures.
  • The D-Ex Study: A randomised controlled trial of vitamin D and community-based exercise for improving physical performance in obese older adults
  • The ALAFOS Study - Monitoring fracture rate, quality of life and osteoporosis knowledge in women on Forteo
  • The OSMOSIS-P Study: A pilot study of community-based high-intensity exercise for reducing bone and muscle declines during weight loss