Neuropsychiatry is both a relatively new and old subspecialty of psychiatry. The contemporary practice of psychiatry originated from the study of the brain and over time has evolved to include other theoretical constructs and theories on the cause of mental illnesses.  The field of neuropsychiatry focusses on the interrelation between psychiatric and neurological disorders. Some disorders such as Frontotemporal Dementia, Huntington’s disease, Motor Neurone Disease overlap with those seen by behavioural neurologists and geriatricians. Our aim is to further knowledge of these brain disorders which have psychiatric or behavioural manifestations and to determine the best management of the psychosocial aspects of these diseases.

Group Head

Dr Phyllis Chua

Research Projects

  1. A longitudinal neuro imaging study of MND Phenotypes’
  2. The impact of progressive neurological diseases (PND) on family life
  3. Smell Perception in Motor Neurone Disease (MND)

Key collaborations

Meet the team


PhD candidate

  • Mr Anjan Bhattarai - Advanced diffusion weighted imaging techniques and quantitative susceptibility mapping in the assessment of motor neuron disease