Monash Clinical Toxicology Research and Education


The Monash Emergency Medicine Service supports one of only two specialised clinical toxicology units located in Melbourne.

The Monash Toxicology Unit provides clinical services for assessment, management and treatment of suspected poisonings presenting to the Monash Emergency network as well as provides teaching in clinical toxicology to a wide variety of clinical staff across Monash Health.

Toxicology and Therapeutics research encompass one of the pillars of MERC research goals.

Toxicology research encompasses both basic science and clinical translational research into the risk assessment, diagnosis and treatment of various poisoning scenarios. Specific toxicology research interests include; risk assessment and assessment of novel acetylcysteine treatment regimens for paracetamol poisoning, assessment of novel treatments for cardiovascular drug poisoning, adolescent poisoning epidemiology, assessment and recommendations for rational antidote use.

Therapeutic interests include the assessment of the utility of intranasal drug delivery in the emergency department, assessment of analgesic regimens for acute pain and development of evidence based guidelines for the assessment and use of antiemetics for emergency department nausea and vomiting.