Andis Graudins


Professor of Emergency Medicine and Clincial Toxicology research in the School of Clnical Sciences at Monash Health at Monash University and a Clinical Toxicologist and Emergency Physician at Monash Health.

Toxicology research interests include managment of paracetamol poisoning, treatment of severe cardiovascular drug poisoning, and investigation of novel antidotes for treatment of drug poisoning.

Involved in both clinical and basic science toxicology research including pharmacokinetics and animal models of severe CVS poisoning.

Emergency Medicine interests include analgesia research and managment of acute behavioural disturbance in the ED as well as assessment of pharmacokinetics and clinical applications of novel drugs for intranasal drug delivery in the ED.

Clinical activities

  • Consultant Emergency Physcian, Monash Health
  • Director of Monash Toxicology Service and Supervisor of Toxicology Training, Monash Health
  • Consultant Clinical Toxicologist Victorian and NSW Poisons Information Centre
  • Visiting Toxicologist Austin Health Toxicology Service


  • Clinical Toxicologist: NSW Poisons Information Centre, Childrens Hospital at Westmead, NSW
  • Clinical Toxicologist: Victorian Poisons Information Centre, The Austin Hospital, Heidelberg, Victoria.
  • Emergency Physician and Clinical Toxicologist Monash Health, Melbourne, Victoria

Research interests


  • Paracetamol Poisoning
  • Cardiovascular Drug Poisoning and antidote development,
  • Serotonin Syndrome, Antidepressant poisoning.
  • Natural Toxins- snake and spider envenomation treatment


  1. Acute analgesia research
  2. intranasal drug delivery - clinical and pharmacokinetic studies

Supervision interests

  • Basic Science Toxicology Research
  • Clinical Toxicology Research and Envenomation
  • Clinical Toxicology Education at undergraduate and Graduate levels

Monash teaching commitment

  • Clinical Sciences at Monash Health
  • Department of Pharmacology