Euan Wallace

From bedside to lab to bedside - research that gives hope to desperate mums

Prof Euan Wallace is a hero to expectant mums at risk of losing a baby or giving birth to a child with cerebral palsy or organ damage. The director of the Ritchie Centre and his multidisciplinary team seek - and often find - new ways to treat at-risk mothers and babies, including with antioxidants to minimise and stems cells to repair serious tissue damage.

As an obstetrician who treats the most at-risk pregnancies in Victoria, Euan is particularly excited by his research team's latest promising treatment, which could reduce brain and lung damage in stressed fetuses.

It's now ready for clinical trials, having proved successful in laboratory modelling. It involves introducing antioxidants into the womb via the mother to treat a lack of oxygen in stressed fetuses.

These fetuses often end up with too many oxygen free radicals, which can damage their brains and other organs and cause cerebral palsy - a disability that often only shows up when parents wonder why their child can't crawl or walk like other babies of the same age.

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