Kirsten Palmer


Dr Kirsten Palmer, a Monash University practitioner fellow within the School of Clinical Sciences, leads the maternal and perinatal medicine translational research group. Our research seeks to translate promising new therapeutics into the clinical setting with a particular interest in the disorders of placentation, such as pre-eclampsia and fetal growth restriction. We have developed a collaborative network both nationally and internationally, through which we conduct research that extends from exploring the pathophysiology of these disorders to better inform new clinical advances, through to clinical trials research to assess the true potential for improving clinical outcomes. We are currently conducting trials to improve postpartum haemorrhage prevention and optimise outcomes for babies affected by fetal growth restriction. This is in addition to studies aimed at identifying new predictive or diagnostic biomarkers for pre-eclampsia, as well as predicting those women at greatest risk of future cardiovascular morbidity or mortality following a pregnancy complicated by pre-eclampsia.

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