Monique Kilkenny

A/Prof Monique Kilkenny is a health services researcher and experienced epidemiologist with a background in health information management. She completed her PhD at Monash University in 2015 and was awarded an NHMRC Public Health Early Career Fellowship (2016-2019) to support her research into the quality of stroke care and outcomes in Australia.

A/Prof Kilkenny is the Head of the National Stroke Data Linkage Program at Monash University, and the projects she leads are essential to investigating quality of care provided to patients with stroke and are the cornerstones of informing the implementation of interventions to improve healthcare and patient outcomes. In 2019, she was awarded the Dean’s Award for Research Excellence (Enterprise) from the Faculty of Medicine (Monash University) in recognition of her work towards an integrated national data platform for stroke.

A/Prof Kilkenny's standing within the field of research is evidenced by her role as Chief Investigator on four successful NHMRC grants (2 projects, 1 partnership, 1 synergy). Her group is at the forefront of data linkage research and she has been invited to speak at national and international conferences. A/Prof Kilkenny has been consulted by non-stroke research groups such as Deakin University, Cancer Council and QU,T about accessing and analysing big data. The National Stroke Data Linkage Interest group that she leads, includes representatives from state and national health data linkage units, researchers using linked data, pharmacists, epidemiologists and statisticians (n=30) from all states and territories.

Nationally, A/Prof Kilkenny is a leader and collaborates with other national researchers in the field of stroke using linked data, performance monitoring, quality improvement research and health promotion evaluations. From 2007-2015, she has been responsible for overseeing the analysis and report writing for audit reports for acute and rehabilitation services, and reports on the evaluation of the Know Your Numbers and StrokeSafe programs for the Stroke Foundation. These reports have been used to guide policy directions for improving prevention efforts and several quality of care initiatives in hospitals led by the Stroke Foundation and State government stroke clinical networks.

Prior to her career in stroke research, A/Prof Kilkenny was involved in epidemiological and health services research at a state/national/international level. She started her career working as a Health Information Manager managing a large registry (800,000 births). A/Prof Kilkenny was then employed as a Research Fellow and designed the first population-based clinical data on acne, wart, tinea and eczema in school children ever published in Australia. She then moved to France and played an important scientific role in the feasibility of the International Case-Control Study of mobile phones and head and neck tumours in 14 countries.

A/Prof Kilkenny is the Editor for Quality Improvement section for the Journal Stroke, the top-ranked international stroke journal and is on the Editorial Boards for the Health Information Management Journal and BMC Health Services Research Journal. She is also the Statistician on four Data Safety Monitoring Boards for RCTs.

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