Roland Bammer

Prof Roland Bammer is the Head of the Department of Imaging and Deputy Director (Research & Education) Imaging at Monash Health.

Prof Bammer is an internationally recognised scientist with a background in medicine, engineering, and business. With over 20 years of experience in leading complex multidisciplinary programs, his key research interests include:

  • Using innovative MR and CT techniques to access abnormal haemodynamic, vascular, and biophysical features of cerebrovascular disease
  • Using advanced software algorithms to garner a better understanding of the disease processes and to optimally guide therapies
  • Expert in MR and CT image acquisition and reconstruction methods with over 35 patents all currently licensed to multinational organisations or startups.

As a pioneer in AI, deep learning and software development, Prof Bammer is also the Co-founder, Board Director and CTO of RapidAI, a global leader in neurovascular and vascular imaging software.

From a teaching perspective, Prof Bammer has been inducted into the American Academy of Radiology Research in recognition of his impact on the radiology field. He has mentored over 100 staff scientists, radiologists and postdoctoral fellows. He also oversaw Stanford’s Radiology Physics Program and the Radiology Board Review Program.