Sarah Jones

Jones lab

Research interests

My research investigates mechanisms of autoimmune disease development, with particular emphasis on relevance in the clinic and translation towards treatments. I am especially interested in the regulation of B cells, including the formation of germinal centres, memory B cells and plasma cells in response to immunisation and in the setting of B cell-mediated autoimmunity, particularly lupus. I am also interested in the influences of innate immune mechanisms on the development and progression of autoimmune diseases.


I am an emerging group leader with first-class training and a strong track record in the study of autoimmune diseases, particularly lupus. I have extensive experience in the analysis of B cell behaviour using specialised models of B cell responses and B cell-mediated autoimmune disease, gained during my PhD at WEHI and post-doctoral training in some of the leading centres worldwide.

I am engaged in the process of medial research at multiple levels. My contributions to the discipline of immunology and to biomedical research at large have been multifaceted and ongoing throughout my career. I have demonstrated my capacity to advance my work on several fronts simultaneously including in commercial, therapeutic, stakeholder and educational domains. I have made strong contributions to the teaching of Biology in Australia and New Zealand and have maintained an active role in recruiting, training and inspiring students in biomedical research to establish and promote the next generation of researchers.

Supervision interests

  • I am currently supervising PhD, Honours and BMedSci students - please contact me if you are interested in joining our group.

Clinical activities

  • I am a lecturer in a 3rd year Clinical Immunopathology Unit, Monash University


Scientific consultant, editor and lead author, Nelson Cengage Learning

Produced three senior biology textbooks:

  • Biology for the Australian Curriculum, Units 3 and 4 (released in Australia and New Zealand)
  • Biology for the Victorian Certificate of Education, Units 1 and 2
  • Biology for the Victorian Certificate of Education, Units 3 and 4

Community service

  • 2014-ongoing: Science Teachers Association of Victoria VCE Biology conference: I deliver annual educational sessions for senior biology teachers and distributed teaching resources for use by teachers and students. I continue to act as a consultant to teachers.
  • Ongoing: I have had many volunteer roles with multiple outreach programs targeting senior secondary school students and teachers including the Research Australia Youth Ambassador program

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