About us

Making a difference in rural health

Monash Rural Health is a multi-site school within the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences. The school is committed to improving rural health and developing a sustainable rural health workforce. It seeks to make a difference to rural people and their communities, locally, nationally and internationally through its commitment to excellence in education and research.

Our footprint extends across Victoria from Mildura in the west to Bairnsdale in the east. It operates through two distinct hubs: one in the Loddon Mallee Region in north-west Victoria and one in the Gippsland region in south-east Victoria.

The main focuses of the school are to:

  • provide the rural/regional base for undergraduate medical education programs at Monash University
  • provide support for nursing and allied health students undertaking rural/regional placements
  • support pre-vocational, vocational training and continuing education for medical and health graduates
  • lead and foster a program of rural health research that will improve the health status of rural/regional and Indigenous communities, and
  • develop innovative interprofessional education and health service models

Building a local health workforce

One of the best ways to encourage doctors to practise in rural or regional areas is to introduce them to the regions while they are students. They see first hand the career and lifestyle opportunities, and make important professional and personal connections. These long-term placements in rural and regional Victoria are at the heart of the program we have been running for nearly 30 years. We want to see that program - and our partnerships with regional health services and local communities - continue for the benefit of rural and regional Victorians.