Zoe Duncan

Addressing the mental health needs of people who use methamphetamine in Victoria

Zoe Duncan

PhD candidate: Zoe Duncan
Supervisors: Keith Sutton, Bernadette Ward, Rebecca Kippen

Methamphetamines use is associated with several adverse health outcomes including increased rates of depression, suicide, relapse, re-hospitalisation, withdrawal from treatment, and co-morbid medical issues.

Co-occurrence of a mental health issue and substance use disorder has an impact on an individual’s overall health outcomes in terms of treatment outcomes, treatment retention and long-term recovery. Understanding dual diagnosis in the context of methamphetamine use is therefore important.

This study seeks to better understand the longitudinal mental health impacts, mental health treatment trajectory and methamphetamine treatment trajectory for people who use methamphetamines.

Why Monash Rural Health?

The School of Rural Health provides a supportive environment that has given me plenty of opportunity for growth and development as an academic. There are many relevant and interesting research areas available and the academic staff are supportive and encouraging. I could not be more glad to be doing my PhD within this school.