Financial Assistance Fund

The Monash Rural Health Financial Assistance Fund provides financial assistance to Monash medicine, nursing and allied health students while on placement within Gippsland and north-west Victoria.  A limited number of annual grants of up to $750 are available for students who meet the eligibility criteria below.

These grants vary based on placement location:

  • Rural placement location is less than 200 kilometres from Clayton = $100-$400 (grants vary for placements of 5-18+ weeks)
  • Rural placement location is greater than 200 kilometres from Clayton = $400-$750 (grants vary for placements of 5-18+ weeks)
  • One successful application permitted per year

Monash medical students enjoying a coffee after placementEligibility

To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

  • be studying a medicine, nursing or allied health degree at Monash University (including Monash University Malaysia)
  • be completing a minimum placement of five weeks continuous duration, within the Monash Rural Health footprint (Gippsland and north-west Victoria), and
  • be able to demonstrate low income with supporting documentation, dated within 3 months of the application date.

Additional factors that may be considered:

The Financial Assistance Fund is not available to students who are on paid placements.


Applications will be assessed by a Monash Rural Health assessor who is not involved in the academic progression of students.  All information supplied with applications will be held in strict confidence.

How to apply

To apply, please complete an application form, and submit a personal circumstance statement and low income supporting documentation.

Application dates

Applications for both semester one and semester two 2023 have now closed.