Let's Talk - project resources

The project team holds an annual forum and publishes the results of the project in research and professional publications.

2015 forum

Tuesday 24 March

Over 60 health workers, researchers and consumers met to be updated on the progress of the Developing a Recovery Model for Parents project.  A number of sessions were held at the forum, some of which were recorded and are available for viewing below.

Associate Professor Darryl Maybery and Robyn Humphries introduce the forum.

The Bouverie Centre trialogue is a three-way discussion between a person with lived experience, a carer and a mental health worker. This trialogue focuses on the experience of these participants in the Let's Talk program.

Associate Professor Darryl Maybery and Dr Melinda Goodyear provide an overview and update of the research project.

First slide in presentation

Professor Kim Foster gives personal and professional perspectives. Download her slide presentation.


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