Research degrees in rural health

Graduate research

Monash Rural Health supports and assists its graduate research students by providing effective and supportive supervision as well as up-to-date administrative advice. The school aims to make a student's journey as smooth as possible for the duration of their candidature.

Meet some of our current students: Likke Prawidya Putri, Therese Smyth, Zoe Duncan


Prospective graduate research students

Before a prospective student can apply for either a PhD or Masters by Research they must have made contact with a supervisor and had the supervisor sign the Expression of Interest form. The form can be found at the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences link below. Alternately, all email correspondence is to be kept and then uploaded as part of the application process.

Eligibilty and application information can be found at:

Graduate Research and Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences.

Likke Putri

Likke Putri

The 4 years of PhD experience taught me the 4 key ingredients of a successful postgraduate research degree: supervisors, funding, colleagues, and family support. I had 3 of those fulfilled by Monash Rural Health

Dr Likke Putri
Dotor of Philosophy PHD Graduate 2022

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Current graduate research students


  • Handbooks: Graduate Research Doctoral Degree and Masters by Research

Milestone Information

Research students are required to sit milestone reviews. The guidelines for the milestone report and presentations, including Monash Graduate Research and faculty requirements, can be found here.

Other links

  • The faculty Early Career Research (ECR) Information Gateway
  • MPA (Monash Postgraduate Association) provides all kinds of assistance to students


Graduate Research Administrator: 
Marillyn Harkness
Phone: 03 990 27304