Completed research projects

Project Title Chief Investigators Funding Body Project period
Gippsland Mental Health Vacation Schools Study Darryl Maybery, Keith Sutton, Julie Willems, Kent Patrick Victorian Department of Health - Mental Health & Drugs Gippsland Region & Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing 2010-2012
Aged support and aged care: program and policy structures to support ageing well in rural and regional Australia Judi Walker, Peter Orpin, Kimbra Boyer, Matthew CarrollNHMRC 2011-2014
Centre of Research Excellence in Rural and Remote Primary Health Care John Wakerman, John HumphreysMatthew McGrail, David Lyle APHCRI CRE 2011-2016
Provision of mental health professional learning program: Intervention, research and evaluation Andrea Reupert, J Deppeler,  P Riley, Darryl Maybery, U Sharma, Pamela Snow, P Hasking Department of Education & Early Childhood Development, Victoria 2012-2013
Using natural interfacing technology to provide rehabilitation services to clients with transport difficulties William Haigh, Helen McBurney, Cathy Haigh Baw Baw Shire Council 2012-2015
Centre for Research Excellence in Medical Workforce Dynamics. Medicine in Australia: Balancing Employment and Life (MABEL) Tony Scott, Matthew McGrail, John Humphreys, Guyonne Kalb NHMRC CRE 2012-2017
The SAVE Trial: Securing all Intravenous devices effectively in hospitals. A randomised controlled trial Claire Rickard, John Fraser, Joan Webster, Andrea Marshall, Jeanine Young, Geoffrey Playford, David McMillian, Matthew McGrail, John Gowardman, Ogilivie Thom NHMRC Project Grant 2013-2016
Developing an Austalian-first recovery model for parents in Victorian mental health and family servicesDarryl Maybery, Andrea Reupert, Jade Sheen, Brendan O'Hanlon, Rose Cuff, Melinda Goodyear, Warren Cann, Robyn Mildon, Kim Dalziel Victorian Department of Health 2013-2017
The development of 35 evidence summaries and recommended practices addressing chronic diseases management annually Hanan Khalil The Joanna Briggs Insititute 2013-2018
Developing an elogbook portfolio to support students' learning on clinical placement in community and hospital based settings Cathy Haigh, Bill Haigh, Paul Brougham, Joseph Tam, Cathy Coates, Paul Lee Internal: FMNHS MBBS Development Grant Scheme 2014-2015
Emerging models of integrated primary health care centres: their impact on access and integration of care and contributing factors Julie McDonald, Grant Russell, Sarah Dennis, Jeffrey Fuller, Christine Walker, Gawaine Powell- Davies, Bernadette Ward, Riki Lane, Catherine Spooner Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute  2014-2015
Evaluation of the Partners in Recovery initiative for Gippsland Anton Isaacs, Darryl MayberyKeith Sutton, Kim Dalziel Gippsland Medicare Local Ltd 2014-2015
Family focused practice within a recovery framework: community workshops Bernadette Ward, Andrea Reupert, Darryl Maybery, Francis McCormick, Tim Lenten, Lyn Andrew, Susan Waller Loddon Mallee Murray Medicare Local - Partners in Recovery 2014-2015
The ARCADO (Addition of Random Case Analysis to Direct Observation) Project: Assessment methods in clinical teaching visits: Exploring the use of Random Case Analysis and Direct Consultation Bernadette Ward Greater Western General Practice Training (GPET) 2014-2015
The impact and role of the Bendigo Safe Transport and Chill Out Space in reducing alcohol related harm Bernadette Ward, Penny Buykx Peter Miller City of Greater Bendigo 2014-2015
The Use and Promotion of Alcohol in Australian Secondary Schools Bernadette Ward, Penny Buykx, Geoff Munro, John Wiggers Foundation for Alcohol Research & Education  2014-2015
The Use and Promotion of Alcohol in Victorian Secondary Schools Bernadette WardPenny Buykx, Katrine Housdorf, John Wiggers Australian Drug Foundation Inc 2014-2015
Centre of Research Excellence in Rural and Remote Primary Health Care - Extension funding John Wakerman, John Humphreys, Matthew McGrail, David Lyle APHCRI CRE 2015-2016
Parent and infant relationships support (PAIRS) - East Gippsland program evaluation Keith Sutton, Eleanor Mitchell Good Beginnings Australia Limited 2015-2016
Medication Safety Program for rual and remote Aboriginal health workers Hanan Khalil Gippsland Primary Health Network 2016
Small Grants: Medication practice guidelines to deliver best practice medication management in the community Hanan Khalil Gippsland Primary Health Network 2016
The development and evaluation of a medication safety program for rual and remote Aboriginal health care workers practicing in the Gippsland region Hanan Khalil Gippsland Primary Health Network 2016
The evaluation and implementation of the newly developed medication practice guidelines in the Gippsland community sector to deliver best practice cancer care in medication management in the community Hanan Khalil Latrobe Community Health Service 2016
Bridging the learning gap between cardiac physiology theory and clinical practice using an interactive simulation Marianne Tare, Shane Bullock, Rajan R, Marion Shuttleworth, George Kotsanas, J Choate, H Parkington, Margaret Simmons, Adelle McArdle Monash Education Academy 2016-2017
The impact and cost of short-term health staffing in remote communities John Wakerman, John Humphreys, Lisa Bourke, Terry Dunbar, David Lyle, Timothy Carey, Michael Jones, Steven Guthridge, Yuejen Zhao ARC Discovery Project 2016-2017
A mixed methods study identifying underserved communties where GP registrar training could be better targeted in north-western Queensland and strategies to increase high quality GP registrar supervision and training in these locations C Reeve, P Teague, Matthew McGrail, L Young, Deborah Russell, Belinda O'Sullivan, David Campbell, TS Gupta, R Hays, B Malau-Aduli Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine 2017-2018
Supervising GP Registrars - who does and doesn't participate and why?  Final communique and summary findings. A Warrington, M Bentley, G Wallace, Belinda O'Sullivan, Matthew McGrail, Deborah Russell, J Burns, M Sampson The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Education Research Grants 2017-2018
Advance Care Plans across the health system in rural Victoria M-J Adams, J Fletcher, Bernadette Ward, D O'Connor, Pam Harvey Better Care Victoria 2017-2018
Understanding the decision to relocate rural amongst urban nursing and allied health students and recent graduates Keith Sutton, Tim Carey, Darryl Maybery, Tony Smith, Susan Waller, Matthew McGrail, Deborah Russell , Annie Farthing, Katharine McAnnally, Leanne Brown Rural Health Workforce Australia 2016
Development of the Latrobe Health Innovation Charter K Crinall, S Yell, J Porter, A James, S Whyte, E Edmondson, Darryl Maybery Department of Health and Human Services 2017
Eat well, Move often, Live better U Schmidt, A Propsch, B Heaton-Harris, Eli Ristevski, A Byrne, N Robertson Department of Health and Human Services 2017-2018
Measuring the educational alliance with supervisors from the registrar perspective T Elliott, M Bentley, J Benson, Rebecca Kippen, S Costello, J Burns, C Cook, A Warrington, G Wallace RACGP 2017-2018