Monash Rural Health student policies

The policies on this page apply to all health professions students undertaking placements in association with a Monash Rural Health site.

Policies on this page

Privacy and collection of personal information

The University's privacy guidelines explain why we collect and how we use student's personal information.

Student accommodation

The Monash Rural Health student accommodation policy and procedures ensure students have equitable and unbiased access to accommodation across our sites for short- and long-term clinical placements, where available. By applying for accommodation through our online portal, you are deemed to have read and agreed to the Student Residential Accommodation Agreement.

The accommodation fee refunds policy lays out how and when fees will be refunded.

Religious holiday observance and placement attendance

Some students will require leave from clinical placement from time to time due to religious holidays. The faculty follows the Monash Strict Religious Observances Guidelines. And a link to a multifaith calendar on the Diversity & Inclusion website can be used as a reference for staff and students.

If you need to take leave from clinical placements due to strict observation of religious holidays, you must notify the clinical co-ordinator of your religious holiday commitments. You will need to provide documentary evidence confirming your obligations to support your request. (See the guidelines above.)

Where you do miss clinical placement days due to religious observance you will need to make up the time missed.

Occupational Health & Safety

Year 2 student code of conduct

The Code of Conduct for Medical Students at Monash University outlines the professional behaviour expected of students on regional and rural placements.

Student conference leave application

If you want to attend a conference during semester, you will need to apply for conference leave. See the Conference Leave application form under the "Academic Resources" heading on the faculty's Current Student page.