Year A community-based practice program

Monash Rural Health Churchill offers sophisticated simulation learning experiences in a high-tech simulation centre, as well as community-based placements.

The Community Based Practice (CBP) program is an exciting and innovative educational activity incorporated into medical education at Monash Rural Health Churchill. The CBP program offers students an opportunity to understand issues of social justice and equity and to relate these to the practice of medicine.

Through the completion of a rurally-based community-based practice placement, students have the opportunity to observe the outstanding human skills of multi-disciplinary teams in a community setting and through their placement, contribute to the work of the agency.

Students have the opportunity to learn how care and services are provided for disadvantaged people in their communities and the factors contributing to the perpetuation of that disadvantage. The work that is done is inspirational; understanding it and empathising with it will stand students in good stead on their ongoing pathway to becoming effective healthcare professionals