Kiarash Taghavi

Paediatric Surgeon and Urologist

Dr Taghavi graduated from the University of Otago, prior to completing Paediatric Surgical training under the auspices of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. Throughout his training he has worked at centres of excellence across Australia (Brisbane, Melbourne) and New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington). He has also visited surgical centres across the UK and Europe. Following his training he completed post-fellowship work in Paediatric Urology at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne.

Dr Taghavi has extensive experience in research and education. He has published 47 peer reviewed journal articles and nine book chapters. He has completed post-graduate degrees in surgical anatomy, paediatrics and clinical education. Dr Taghavi is regularly an invited speaker both domestically and internationally in topics relating to Paediatric Urology. He has been a member of the Board of Paediatric Surgery, and is currently an examiner in "Anatomy and Embryology". Dr Taghavi holds membership to the European Society for Paediatric Urology, British Association of Paediatric Urologists and Hypospadias International Society. He is editor for the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, and Frontiers in Urology (Paediatric, Adolescent and Developmental Urology section). Dr Taghavi is a Certified Health Informatician of Australasia (Australasian Institute of Digital Health) and is currently undertaking studies in applied learning healthcare systems. He has supervised research students across Australia and New Zealand, from medical student level to PhD candidates.