Paediatrics - Surgery

Surgery team: Mr Ram Nataraja,  Dr Maurizio Pacilli

The Department of Paediatric Surgery at Monash Children’s Hospital has varied research streams utilising well-constructed prospective and retrospective studies including randomised controlled trials to improve the evidence base for the treatment of common paediatric surgical conditions. This research has been primarily led by student researchers with supervision by academic clinical surgeons in the Department of Paediatrics. The department also adopts and adapts novel techniques and instruments for improving clinical surgical outcomes. Multiple research projects have been conducted in collaboration with other discipline and paediatric subspecialties. The unit is also involved in the delivery of high quality unique surgical simulation training in partnership with Monash Children’s Simulation in the world-leading paediatric surgical simulation centre based at Monash Children’s Hospital. Many opportunities for students are available, ranging from short research placements, BMedSc(Hons) projects, up to PhD candidates. Research streams include Clinical Paediatric Surgery, Wearable technology, Surgical Simulation, Simulation-based medical education, Global Surgery and Global Health.

Staff and students




  • Nenad Stanojevic (Faculty of Engineering)


  • Samantha Leng
  • Suvarna Soni
  • Svetlana Ivanic

Publication highlight

  • GlobalSurg Collaborative & (Nataraja RM). Mortality from Gastrointestinal Congenital Anomalies at 264 Hospitals in 74 Low- Middle- and High-Income Countries: A Multicentre, International, Prospective Cohort Study. Lancet July 2021.
  • Qin KR, Ensor N, Barnes R, Englin A, Nataraja RM, Pacilli M. Standard Versus Long Peripheral Catheters for Multiday IV Therapy: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Pediatrics 2021 Feb;147 (2).
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  • Nataraja RM, Yin Mar Oo, Kyaw KK, Webb N, Ljuhar D, Pacilli M, NyoNyo Win, Kimber C, Aye Aye. Clinical Impact of the Introduction of Paediatric Intussusception Air Enema Reduction Technology in a Low- Middle- Income Country using Low Cost Simulation. Simul Healthc. 2019 Nov 15.