Suzanne Miller

Prof Miller is Deputy Director of the Ritchie Centre and leads the Fetal and Neonatal Health: Brain Injury and Neurodevelopment theme. Her research group provides a focus for experimental and clinical studies directed towards understanding, and inhibiting, the mechanisms that contribute to neonatal brain injury and functional deficits associated with cerebral palsy. The group comprises a multidisciplinary team of fetal physiologists, neuroscientists, stem cell biologists, brain imaging experts and neonatologists, all working towards new diagnostics and therapies to improve brain development in compromised infants. Prof Miller’s group has established preclinical models of the principal causes of pregnancy and birth complications leading to newborn brain injury – fetal growth restriction, intrauterine infection, preterm birth and birth asphyxia, and use these to interrogate the basic cellular pathways that are altered within the immature brain in response to these common but devastating complications. In turn, this knowledge underpins translational studies for targeted therapies to improve brain development.

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