Accommodation for regional & rural student placements

Monash Rural Health provides accommodation for medicine, nursing and allied health students on regional and rural placements. Accommodation includes college-style and houses in local communities. All accommodation is furnished, has fully equipped kitchens and internet access. All accommodation is non-smoking.

Accommodation costs

A subsidised weekly Accommodation Rental Fee covers the cost of accommodation and utilities. The fee, regardless of location, is:

Nursing and allied health $10 per night,
($70 per week)
Year 5D medical $65 per week
Year 3B and 4C medical* $105 per week

* For Year 3B and 4C medical students, the Accommodation Rental Fee applies from the date of occupancy until fully vacated (including all possessions) including semester breaks.

The Accommodation Rental Fee is reviewed annually.

How to apply for accommodation

To apply for accommodation go to our accommodation booking portal. If you need help to apply for accommodation at specific sites contact the coordinators listed on the portal home page.

More than a place to stay

While you are on placement in our regions, you have access to all the facilities at our training sites: Eduroam, libraries, student lounges, and a range of student support services. We would love to welcome you, so please say hello if you come to our site. Here are the people you can talk to at each site.

Monash Rural Health has been embedded in regional and rural communities for over 25 years and offers support to medicine, nursing and allied health students undertaking short-term and long-term placements across our regions in the north-west and south-east of Victoria. We are funded by the Commonwealth government and have a mandate to improve access for rural and remote communities to appropriate health services, by encouraging medicine, nursing and allied health students to pursue a career in rural practice through the provision of education, training and support in regional, rural and remote areas. Our aim is to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience while on your rural placement so that you will want to return and work in the region.