Scholarly Intensive Placements (SIP)

All Monash medical students complete a six-week Scholarly Intensive Placement (also known as a SIP) during the final year of their MD program. Scholarly Intensive Placements allow you to focus on a particular medical or professional practice issue, in-depth, by taking part in scholarly activities, such as analysing relevant literature, collecting data, reviewing policies, or developing new resources.

Why do your Scholarly Intensive Placement with Monash Rural Health?

At Monash Rural Health, the majority of our SIP rotations are embedded within rural health care services. This gives you the opportunity to gain additional clinical time and experience while completing your project - alongside developing important professional skills in research, analysis and communication.

There are other significant benefits to completing a SIP in a rural setting, including:

  • Be part of a project that matters: Our projects are based within local health services. Your SIP project will contribute to improving their systems and practice and help make a tangible difference to health outcomes within the community.
  • Grow your professional network: You’ll be part of a multidisciplinary team and work directly with clinicians, researchers, nurses and allied health practitioners, as well as professional and administrative staff, building your future career network.
  • Build on research experience: You may have the chance to work towards publishing your findings or even continue working on your project beyond your six-week rotation.

Hear from Associate Professor Bernadette Ward, our SIP Coordinator about what’s unique about completing your Scholarly Intensive Placement with Monash Rural Health:

Where can I complete my Scholarly Intensive Placement?

We offer Scholarly Intensive Placements across many of our teaching sites, embedded in health services across the north-west and south-east (Gippsland) regions of Victoria.

In 2021, our students had the opportunity to participate in a range of research and professional practice projects in surgical, palliative care, ED, ICU, psychiatry, rehabilitation, aged care, oncology, women’s health, renal and respiratory units. The 2022 project offerings will be similar. Explore the types of project, learn more about our different sites and hear from previous students about their experiences completing a rural SIP below:

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Interested in completing your SIP at Monash Rural Health? To learn more, or ask any questions, contact Associate Professor Bernadette Ward.