Atul Malhotra

A/Prof Atul Malhotra is a consultant neonatologist at Monash Newborn, and clinician scientist at Department of Paediatrics, Monash University and Ritchie Centre, Hudson Institute of Medical Research.

A/Prof Malhotra's clinical research interests focus on improving respiratory and neurological outcomes of high risk infants. He has been involved in a number of randomised clinical trials and observational studies in neonatology. He is keen on early neurodevelopment and is the head of the Early Neurodevelopment Clinic (for early detection of cerebral palsy) at Monash Children's Hospital.

A/Prof Malhotra's basic science interests include understanding and treating brain injury related to high risk perinatal conditions. He has a special interest in fetal growth restriction and has conducted a number of preclinical and clinical studies in this area.

Atul MCH video
Monash Children's Hospital video (2:56min) - Stem cell therapies, Dr Atul Malhotra

A/Prof Malhotra has been instrumental in the translation of a number of preclinical therapies from the laboratory to the clinic. He led a world-first trial of placental stem cells for chronic lung disease of prematurity, and is currently leading a trial on cord blood derived cell therapies in preterm infants.

A/Prof Malhotra is passionate about education and is the Co-Chair of Monash Children's Hospital Simulation Centre. He is also the co-founder of the global health education program, ONE-Sim Education.  Find out more from A/Prof Atul Malhotra's Monash profile.

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