Lisa Grech

Dr Lisa Grech is a registered psychologist and senior research fellow at Monash University, where she heads the chronic and complex healthcare services research group.  Her research program aims to improve outcomes in people with chronic health conditions, predominantly multiple sclerosis and cancer; with a dual focus on the healthcare practitioner and patient.

Dr Grech's Current projects aim to

  1. improve detection and treatment of depression
  2. understand the relationship between treatment burden and medication adherence to disease modifying treatments
  3. Investigate the neuroprotective value of antidepressant medication for people with MS.

She also collaborates on a number of national and international studies.

As a registered psychologist, Dr Grech is committed to a clinician-researcher model. She is a volunteer support worker for people with MS through Multiple Sclerosis Limited and values the understanding this provides about the experiences of people with multiple sclerosis away from the research setting.

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