The REACH Project

The REACH Project supports GPs, nurses and other health care professionals to talk to their patients about alcohol use. We have developed a package of practical, evidence-based and informative resources with input from GPs, nurses and community members. We hope to distribute these resources to general practices across Australia.

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Alcohol is a major source of harm. More than 1200 deaths each year and 43,736 Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALYs) attributable to alcohol in Victoria alone. Risky alcohol use has ramifications for health and wellbeing, and effects families and the wider community through absenteeism, family violence, assaults, and motor vehicle collisions. People from low income groups are affected by alcohol related harms more, and at lower levels of alcohol intake than people from higher income groups.

General practice plays an essential role in reducing alcohol-related harm in communities, as nearly 85% of Victorians see a GP at least annually. Brief interventions (BI’s) involve assessing the amount of alcohol a person is using, and offering individualised advice on how to reduce the associated health risks. These are effective in reducing the average amount of alcohol people consume in a week, and are recommended in the RACGP Preventive Care guidelines for all patients over the age of 15 years. Despite their effectiveness, and the support for this approach in evidence-based guidelines, clinicians do not routinely provide this intervention in daily practice.

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This project is funded by the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation. The project is supported by our academic and industry partners