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Monash University news

Farewell Robyn Langham

On 2 January 2021, after almost 5 years of outstanding service to Monash, our Head of School at Monash Rural Health, Professor Robyn Langham, will leave Monash to take up opportunities in the clinical trials and drug development arena.

Rural Health 17 November, 2020

Monash study aims to understand why Gippsland has the highest incidence of osteoporosis in Victoria

Gippsland has the highest incidence of hip fractures in the state, with rates of hip fracture admissions 40% higher than north-east Melbourne (and 18% higher than the state average).

Research 16 November, 2020
Monash University news

Bendigo intern wins junior medical officer of the year for her advocacy for young doctors during COVID

Last year Katie Blunt graduated from Monash University. Originally from metropolitan Melbourne, Katie thought her third year as a rural health student in Bendigo would be a short stint in regional medicine.

Education 10 November, 2020

Monash medical students express their gratitude for Victorian GPs

Professor Michelle Leech, Deputy Dean (Medicine) at Monash Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences explains that “this thank you message really shows the esteem in which Monash medical students hold General Practitioners, and also how well

Education 5 November, 2020

Monash Clinical, pre-clinical and health subjects ranked #31 in the world

Monash Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences jumped 11 places to rank 31 in the world, and second in Australia, in the subject area of Clinical, pre-clinical and health in the Times Higher Education (THE) World Subject Rankings 2021.

Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences 29 October, 2020

Increased risk of death in smoke impacted areas during and after the Hazelwood mine fire

The Hazelwood Health Study’s Hazelinks Stream, which uses population health datasets to investigate changes in the health of the community during and after the Hazelwood mine fire, has released a report on risk of death in smoke impacted

Research 29 October, 2020

USNWR Global Rankings places 5 Monash Medicine and Health Sciences subject areas in top 50

The US News & World Report Rankings (USNWR) compares institutions’ academic research and reputation. Institutions from the U.S. and more than 80 other countries are ranked based on 13 indicators that measure their academic research

Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences 27 October, 2020

Rural GPs put their hands up to train registrars – a regional Tasmanian survey

Doctors training to become a general practitioner can choose to spend a significant amount of time working in regional areas where they undergo supervised training.

Rural Health 27 October, 2020
Monash University news

Gippsland yarning provide keys to Aboriginal cancer survivorship

“Our culture has lifted me from where I was, ‘cause I was down here, now I’m back up here, and I give thanks to all the old fellas ‘cause they’ve given me strength in places I never thought even existed”

Research 27 October, 2020