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Preventing generational trauma

Two Monash researchers have been recognised for a lifetime trying to prevent generational trauma.

Rural Health 23 September, 2019
Dr Hannah Barry

Bairnsdale GP registrar wins funding

A GP registrar in Bairnsdale is one of many successful applicants for funding under the Training Reimbursement Scheme.

Rural Health 18 September, 2019

New Warragul centre opened

Monash Rural Health’s new health teaching and research centre in Warragul was officially opened today.

Rural Health 13 September, 2019

Honours students published

The aim in generating new knowledge through research is to share it. Two medical students who completed an honours year with Monash Rural Health in Bendigo last year have both had papers published this year drawing on their honours year research.<

Rural Health 12 September, 2019

Better community-level planning needed for remote palliative care

Imagine living in remote Victoria, in the final stages of a terminal illness and in great pain. Your nurse offers to travel the two hours to the nearest pharmacy to get the medication needed. When she arrives they are out of stock.

Rural Health 4 September, 2019

EduRoam boosts regional student experience

Monash students doing clinical training placements at Victorian regional and rural hospitals who may have struggled to access the health service’s internet can now look forward to high-speed access as EduRoam is rolled out across

Rural Health 20 August, 2019

2019 Gippsland Education Grant winners

Congratulations to Isabella Shelton and Nicholas Woodland who have been awarded this year’s Gippsland Education Trust Grant. Both have just begun their journeys as medical students. Bella is in Year 1 at Clayton, while Nick is based at

27 May, 2019

$7.8 million supports 30 extra rural medical students each year

Over $7.8 million will be invested by Monash University in north-west Victoria over the next two years as part of a new rural medical degree pathway that will be offered to 30 medical students annually.

Rural Health 21 February, 2019
Dr Danielle Taylor at the entrance to the Bendigo Hospital

Regional study leads to career flip

Danielle Taylor’s experience as a regional medical student and intern changed her career plans. “I was completely flipped around,” she says.

Rural Health 30 November, 2018