Paediatrics - Surgery and Acute Care

Surgery and Acute care
Surgery and Acute Care team L-R: Prof Simon Craig, Dr Felix Oberender, Dr Maurizio Pacilli, Mr Ram Nataraja

The Department of Paediatrics includes academic clinicians providing emergency and ongoing care for acutely unwell or injured children, as well as those with chronic and complex surgical and medical conditions.

This care occurs across Monash Health, including Monash Children’s Hospital (paediatric surgery and paediatric intensive care), within our paediatric wards, and our emergency departments (Monash Medical Centre, Dandenong Hospital and Casey Hospital).

We combine world-leading research with excellent clinical care to provide optimal patient outcomes. We collaborate with colleagues across Australia and internationally.

Many opportunities for students are available, ranging from short research placements, BMedSc(Hons) projects, up to PhD candidates.

Research groups