Monash Walk & Fun Run

Welcoming everyone to take part in the on-campus 2022 semester 2 Monash Walk & Fun Run! Participate in the 3km walk or 5km run on campus or join us virtually on Strava.

Our on-campus event will be held across Caulfield, Clayton and Peninsula campuses, with the 3km walks utilising an accessible walking route. This is a great opportunity to catch up with your friends and colleagues, meet new people and immerse yourself in campus life. By making exercise part of your everyday routine - you can improve your mental health and wellbeing, stay connected with your community and help keep your immune system strong. At the event, we will be collecting gold coin donations toward our 2022 Mega Swim campaign for Multiple Sclerosis. Good luck and have fun!

Warm up at 12:45pm, event commencing 1.00pm

Run program recommendations


Semester 1, 2022 runner results

Thank you to the 200+ walkers and runners that joined us on campus and remotely.




1Charles C18:43.9
2Harrison B20:28.9
3Adam S20:48.6
4Nicholas K23:27.9
5Sam B23:51.8
6Asher B25:11.6
7Ruth O25:22.6
8Hayden R25:31.8
9Jamil T25:36.4
10Kyle R25:48.4
11Hannah H25:48.8
12Mitchell G25:50.3
13Sophie C25:52.5
14Laurentius M26:00.1
15Min Z 26:00.4
16Claire S26:24.2
17Ella R26:25.6
18Sarah H26:26.4
19Urvi Sanjay B26:42.8
20Huayan H27:04.1
21Elka M27:15.6
22Matthias K27:51.2
23Daniel J28:03.6
24Darren C28:04.0
25Rasoul H29:02.3
26Elise M30:35.4
27Shayan S30:35.8
28Khoa P32:41.2
29Long H32:41.8
30David F33:06.5
31Robyn S34:31.1
32Safoura S34:57.8
33Jialiang T35:01.1
34Zhehao X36:01.0
35Marwon A39:50.6
36Fatemeh A41:49.8
37Ditiphatra C44:15.1
38Emily B44:16.4