Monash Walk & Fun Run

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Welcoming everyone to take part in our Semester 2 free online Monash Walk and Fun Run event. Kick-off STEPtember with a 3km or 5km walk, run, skate or roll around your local area. This all-day, accessible event enables you take part at a time most convenient to you! Simply track your distance and connect with other participants through Strava; a free fitness app that syncs your activity via your phone or smartwatch. Plus Monash Sport is here to get you moving in the lead up to the event!

By making exercise part of your everyday routine - you can improve your mental health and wellbeing, stay connected with your community and help keep your immune system strong. Good luck and have fun! This semester we’re raising funds for MS in the lead up to Monash Sport's 10-year celebration of hosting the MS Mega Swim; a 24-hour charity swim event. If you’d like to contribute to this cause, donations can be made here.

Join our Strava club to help you stay motivated and follow us on our social media for walk and run tips.

How it works:

1. Register via our Google form.

2. Join our Monash Sport Strava Club to track your activity and to connect with other participants.

3. Exercising in the afternoon? Join us for a live 15-minute warm-up on Zoom at 12pm! Or cool down with us at 1pm for our live 30-minute Mobility and Stretch Zoom workout. Both sessions can be found on Zoom.

4. Don’t forget to submit your results and feedback to us.

Run program recommendations

Participant results - 3km

Full Name

Participation method


Ahalya PRun00:18:33
Amy DWalk00:34:35
Anita BWalk00:35:02
Anita M FWalk01:41:00
Ann-Maree JRun00:18:27
Cassandra SWalk00:45:00
Cassey GWalk00:41:15
Christopher WWalk00:50:04
Dorothy HWalk00:31:40
Elizabeth SWalk00:40:00
Emily HRun00:14:43
Fiona BWalk00:40:41
Fiona TRun00:17:01
Gus TRun00:35:36
India WWalk00:32:41
Irina SWalk00:44:53
James PRun00:13:27
Janice HWalk00:46:00
Janine K JWalk00:29:32
Jayn LWalk00:35:32
Jennifer MWalk00:33:00
Jo DRun00:17:50
Juliana GWalk00:40:45
Kayla JRun00:20:36
Kim PWalk00:25:00
Melanie FRun00:22:00
Nicky A GWalk00:38:25
Nyah M ERun00:20:00
Shamil JRun00:17:37
Theresa SWalk01:09:00
Tina GWalk00:22:21
Trent CWalk00:31:44

Participant results - 5km

Full Name

Participation method


Alastair HRun00:21:58
Analia SRun00:27:53
Anastasia KWalk00:45:00
Angela JRun00:35:15
Audrey CWalk00:55:48
Braydon RRun00:18:05
Brea KRun00:31:21
Brett LWalk00:48:00
Bridget BWalk00:55:15
Bridget SWalk00:47:55
Carolyn HWalk01:11:15
Casey RWalk00:58:17
Clarice YRun00:35:54
Dale CWalk00:40:44
Darlene MWalk00:51:20
David LRun00:30:22
David SRun00:42:04
Elizabeth HRun00:29:40
Emily LWalk00:40:00
Fatima SWalk07:28:00
George HRun00:22:50
Heather TWalk00:50:21
Jane HCycle00:20:00
Janette AWalk00:46:17
Jaswin BWalk01:15:00
Jayden ORun00:29:09
Jenisi KRun00:32:50
Jenny HWalk00:54:00
Jenny PWalk01:00:03
Joanne BWalk00:52.45
Joy GCycle00:20:00
Kate MRun00:32:52
Kerri HRun00:27:13
Kris MRun00:24:21
Lauren SRun00:31:55
Leah TRun00:31:31
Lorena VRun00:31:10
Lorraine MWalk00:42:38
Lucy VRun00:29:52
Lynette MWalk/Run00:43:00
Margaret MWalk00:45:32
Margot CWalk/run00:55:12
Mark DRun00:25:03
Mark RRun00:29:07
Maryanti HWalk00:50:00
Melis SRun00:25:39
Pratik PWalk01:03:28
Robert ERun00:27:45
Ros GRun00:31:56
Russell KRun00:27:19
Russell PWalk00:56:42
Sarah BRun00:28:10
Shane AWalk00:45:20
Shane ARun00:26:27
Stefan DRun00:35:14
Steve WWalk00:27:28
Tanya HRun00:25:31
Tara MRun00:31:20
Tessa VRun00:27:41
Timothy WRun00:22:27
Vicki BWalk00:50:00