Monash Walk & Fun Run

Join us, as we kick off STEPtember for the semester 2 Monash Walk & Fun Run! Participate in the 3km accessible walk or 4km run on-campus, off-site or virtually through Strava.

Our on-campus events will be held across Caulfield, Clayton and Peninsula campuses. This is a great opportunity to catch up with your friends and colleagues, meet new people and immerse yourself in campus life. Are you based at a different location? Register for the off-campus event and we can assist in linking you with other participants in your area or track your efforts through Strava.

Warm up at 12:15pm, event commencing 12.30pm

Semester 1, 2023 runner results

Thank you to the 200+ walkers and runners that joined us on campus and remotely.


1 Charles C11:29
2 Nikola M12:47
3 Ron M17:10
4Yue L17:48
7Sauira A19:00
8Yupong S20:32
9William L20:42
10Yvonne A24:24
11Damian S24:24
12Joseph S26:01
13Tanya L26:42


Place NameTime
1Charles C 14:04.246
2Harry A15:41.999
3Jack Z16:09.059
4Tom M16:33.182
5Alexys P17:29.622
6Alexander J18:01.475
7Tara B18:02.997
8Brian K18:28.230
9Theresa D18:40.644
10Gilchrist B18:45.309
11Fleur O18:52.639
12Luke D19:03.120
13Joel A19:44.143
14Michael O20:11.525
15Bill L20:34.363
16Jonathon A20:48.511
17Kenneth L20:56.746
18Shona S21:04.788
19Brigitta G21:17.953
20Ba Le21:39.554
21Richard H22:04.385
22Brian O22:08.203
23Nihal T22:20.873
24Chu L22:41.710
25Zoe L22:51.126
26Haider S22:59.633
28Tara P23:07.732
29Timothy C23:11.846
30Khanh N23:16.209
31Terri B23:32.911
32Snehar Singh23:47.387
33Kaimana T24:07.007
34Andy F24:26.676
35Man Fung Matthew24:57.266
36Liangdi W25:04.843
37Lance M25:11.391
38Yu X25:12.151
39Seng Chong T25:45.932
40Yanxi L25:49.442
41Fangu S25:57.623
42Janet B26:15.622
43Veronica Z26:16.158
44Fiona N26:53.493
45Yuwun W26:58.281
46Yash B27:03.450
47Cherline Delfina27:17.511
48Jerry Yang27:52.288
49Sarah A 27:53.066
50Omkar M28:33.912
51Sarah B28:49.780
52Priscilla C29:08.286
53Nelly M29:23.792
54Muhammad Z29:25.432
55Panpan Z29:56.405
56Arvind S31:00.517
57Eu Jo T34:09.388
58Tony P35:13.239
59Jingmin Z35:57.255
60   43:22.485