Indoor Soccer

Monash Futsal Rules of Competition

Monash Sport Social Sport Indoor Soccer will follow the 17 FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game.

All rules will be adhered to with modifications to the following laws:

Law 12 – Fouls and Misconduct

The following rule will NOT be penalised in Monash Futsal competitions:

- If a goalkeeper, after playing the ball, touches it again in his own half of the pitch after it has been deliberately played to him by a team-mate without an opponent  playing or touching it.

The following rules WILL be enforced in Monash Futsal competitions:

Slide tackling – Although permitted under FIFA Futsal rules, slide tackling will NOT be permitted under any circumstances during Monash futsal matches. A direct free kick will be awarded against any player slide tackling, regardless whether or not he or she “won” the ball cleanly or did not end up making contact with an opponent. This is to ensure the game is played safely, with the player’s safety being protected.

Playing the ball on the ground – Although permitted under FIFA Futsal rules, under Monash Futsal competitions, a player who is on the ground and touches the ball will be penalised. A direct free kick will be awarded against any player who is on the ground and makes contact with the ball.


Yellow Card

  • A first yellow card will be a warning, however a second yellow card will result in a red card being given.

Red Card

  • A red card is immediate removal from the game.
  • The red carded player's team will not be allowed to replace the player until either:
    • The opposition team score a goal
    • 2 minutes of playing time have passed
  • A red carded player will also be suspended from the following weeks game.


In the event that scores are tied at the end of regular time a penalty shoot put will take place. Both teams will have 5 penalties each at which point the team who has scored more goals will win the game. If the scores are still even after each team has taken 5 penalties the shootout will continue as a knockout.