Monash Social Sport Netball Rules of Competition

Monash Sport Social Sport Netball will follow the Rules of Netball (International Netball Federation 2020).

The following specific rules will apply to the Monash Sport Social Sport Competition:

Mixed netball rules

For a mixed team to take the court, they must have at least 1 male player. In the event that the team does not have a male player at the commencement of the game, the time will start and the forfeit rule applies. The game is forfeited if the offending team does not have a male player by the 10th minute of the game (or 1 minute into the second quarter). In the event that a team has 1 male player who suffers an injury during gameplay and cannot continue (ie, so the team no longer has any male players on the court), the game continues and the team can play without any male players.

  • No mixed team may have more than six female players or three male players on the court during play. No mixed team may have more than 1 male player per a third of the court.
    • No more than 1 male player in the “GS” or GA” Position
    • No more than one male player in the “WA”, “C” or “WD” position
    • No more than 1 male player in the “GD” or “GK’ position

    Please note: Teams must wear the same coloured (matching) tops. All players wearing shorts must wear shorts without pockets.

Length of games

Monash Sport Social Sport netball competitions are played for four 9 minute quarters. There is a straight swap between the first and second quarters and the third and fourth quarters. The halftime break is two minutes. The game time may be stopped due to injury at the umpire’s discretion

Late starts

The clock will start at the commencement of the game time. If a team is running late once the clock has started 2 points will be added to the opponent's score for every minute the game is delayed. At the beginning of the second quarter, if the game has not commenced the game will be forfeited.


In the event that scores are tied at the end of the regular time, 3 minutes of extra time will be played. If at the end of 3 minutes extra time the scores are still tied the umpire will blow play on and the team to score next will win the game. I