Conditions of Entry

Welcome to the Fitness Centre

  1. All members and casual users must observe the Fitness Centre terms and conditions of entry, and all directions of Monash Sport staff and agents. Monash Sport reserves the right to require you to leave if this is not adhered to.
  2. All Fitness Centre users must follow the directions of Monash Sport staff at all times.
  3. Members must scan their membership card before each workout.
  4. A sweat towel must be used during all workouts.
  5. Appropriate clothing and footwear is to be worn at all times within the Fitness Centre. Jeans, work boots, thongs, sandals, slippers and open toed shoes are prohibited.
  6. Customers found using the Fitness Centre under the influence of alcohol or any other function impairing drugs will be required to leave.
  7. It is the responsibility of customers to provide Monash Sport staff with any relevant medical history or restrictions relevant to an exercise program. You are required to inform Monash Sport of any changes in such a medial condition.
  8. Use of the exercise facilities is entirely at your own risk and you release, to the fullest extent permitted by law,  the Monash Sport Fitness Centre, its employees and agents, from all claims and demands of whatever kind which may arise from the use of the exercise facilities.
  9. No customer will solicit business for financial gain from any other member for any purpose. This includes, but  is not restricted to, personal training or medical or dietary advice.
  10. Bags are to be left in the lockers or baggage compartments provided. Monash Sport will not accept any responsibility for any property you have that may have been stolen, lost or damaged while in the Fitness Centre or change rooms.
  11. Food, hot drinks or drinks in glass containers / bottles are prohibited within the Fitness Centre.
  12. No guests or visitors are allowed into the Fitness Centre unless they have permission from a staff member.
  13. Casual visitors to the Fitness Centre must complete a casual visit form and pay the casual visit fee.
  14. Children under 16 years of age are not permitted in the Fitness Centre at any time.
  15. Out of courtesy to other patrons, please remember to return weights and equipment  to its correct position when you have finished each exercise.
  16. The use of training chalk is prohibited within the Fitness Centre.
  17. Misconduct with equipment, using obscene or profane language or exhibiting behaviour that may cause injury or is considered offensive or threatening by other members or Monash Sport
  18. staff will result in the immediate eviction of that person and/or withdrawal of membership.
  19. Photography or videoing is not permitted unless by prior arrangement with Monash Sport.